Financial Tools Your Small Business Can’t Live Without

2. Budgeting Tools

Creating a realistic budget — and sticking to it — is crucial to your small business’s financial success. Depending on your accounting software, you may be able to create budgets for your business right there without needing a separate tool. If you do need a separate, stand-alone budgeting tool, you should definitely check out PlanGuru.

3. Payroll Management System

Payroll management is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Single Grain CEO Eric Siu recommends payroll/HR systems ZenPayroll and Zenefits to help you streamline the payroll process and eliminate costly inefficiencies. These are just two of many payroll management tools; frequently these systems easily integrate with other accounting or storefront tools you’re already using. SurePayroll can even calculate and automatically pay local, state, and federal payroll taxes. How much easier can payroll get?

4. Agile Billing

The smoother and more nimble your billing process, the quicker payments will be made and processed — and the faster the cash will flow into your business. With a quick, cloud-based billing system (try FreshBooks or you can shorten the billing process and even increase customer satisfaction.

By implementing agile billing tools and processes, you’ll both improve customer experiences and shorten accounts receivables delays.

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