Best 8 Electric Cars Recommended To Buy

There’s a free wallbox on offer for the first 500 customers so get moving if you’re interested; order books are open now and Vauxhall expect 10 per cent of Corsa sales to be electric. The Corsa has appeared in the top 10 best-selling cars in the UK for years. Beaten to top spot by the Ford Fiesta, it is none the less worthy of consideration. If it looks expensive, that’s because it is: Vauxhall is shifting pricing upwards in line with new, upmarket brand positioning over the next two to three years.

Mini Electric

Other than Mini’s little bright yellow electric symbol in the grill, there’s not a lot to differentiate the electric version externally from the ICE variants, which is how Mini wants it – in a couple of years, this will simply be another powertrain variant, not some crazy new idea for early adopters. Even the charging socket is where the fuel cap would be.

Porsche Taycan

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