9 Effective Ways to Make Your Digestive System Run Smoothly

3. Avoid foods that are hard to digest

9 Ways to Make Your Digestive System Run Smoothly

Greasy, fatty foods like cheeseburgers, fries, or pizza can make you feel bloated for many hours because they need more time to be digested by the body. This type of food can also increase stomach gas, cramps, or indigestion. It can also affect our ability to focus, so it’s good to have a well-balanced diet based on fruit, vegetables, and lean meat.

But be careful: some vegetables like cabbage can cause gas problems because it contains raffinose, a complex sugar that can’t be digested by the stomach. Toast is one of the foods that can help with digestion because of the starch it contains that helps with diarrhea.

4. Don’t get distracted and try to eat while sitting down

9 Ways to Make Your Digestive System Run Smoothly

When we eat while walking, we tend to consume more because we lose track of our portions and our stomach empties faster. When we eat sitting down, our blood circulation is improved. Even eating cross-legged has more benefits because it eases blood pressure around our heart and enables the proper digestion of food.

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