8 Powerful Habits of the Most Healthy and Productive People

2. Scheduling is everything.

If you talk about it, it’s a dream, but only once you mark it on your schedule does it become an actual thing. Many proclaim they want to get healthier, start a business, and quit their job, but what story is their schedule telling? Talk is great, but the action is even better. If it’s a priority, then it’ll make its way onto your schedule.

3. Think big, but take small and actionable steps.

Pursuing new goals and improving on current endeavors can feel overwhelming initially. If you feel overwhelmed, this means you’re trying to take too big of a step.

Don’t quit, just make your daily actions smaller. Keep breaking your goal down until it’s something that feels manageable in the current moment.

4. Daily routines are key.

What you do on a consistent basis matters more than what you do sporadically. Daily routines are essential because they instill discipline and structure to your day. Your daily routines start with establishing morning habits that propel you to success for the day.

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