8 Best Apps for New Apple Watches Today


$5.99, iTunes


In the future, little wrist-based computers might beam mapping information directly into your brain. But today, Apple Watch can barely deal with maps when you’re hiking, biking, or merely ambling.

Fortunately, WorkOutDoors provides zoomable, scrollable vector mapping on your wrist. Bold colors, auto-rotate, breadcrumb trails, and live stats showcase an app very much designed for the wrist first, rather than Apple Watch being an afterthought.

Air Matters

Free, iTunes

Air Matters

Plenty of Apple Watch weather apps have AQI readings, but Air Matters goes much further. Specific allergens can be tracked, and real-time updates for things like grasses displayed in a complication.

Particulate matter levels are provided, color-coded by severity. There’s basic weather forecasting, too, with key stats and a weekly outlook.

But even if you favor another weather app, Air Matters is essential for knowing if it’s safe to venture out, or whether breathing in some fresh air will result in hours of endless sneezing.

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