5 Best Ways To Increase Speed ​​And Endurance While Running

2. Interval workout

Why it works: “Intervals are meant to help increase stamina (and should not be conducted at max effort), so you’ll take less recovery time and increase the number of reps,” Bradshaw says. The big challenge is holding your pace for the entire workout, she adds. As you become more conditioned, jog rather than walk to get an active recovery between intervals. “Remember to maintain good form: shoulders down and back, chest up, and breathe,” Bradshaw says. “This will help you run more efficiently, and help you progress each week.”

How to do an interval workout: This routine is known as “ladders”. Try to incorporate one or two sessions per week.


  • run 50 meters
  • walk/jog 50 meters
  • run 100 meters
  • walk/jog 50 meters
  • run 150 meters
  • walk/jog 50 meters
  • run 200 meters
  • walk/jog 50 meters
  • run 250 meters
  • walk/jog 50 meters

Advanced: Complete the same workout above, only go “up and down” the ladder. Once you run 250 meters, work your way back down (200m, 150m, 100m, 50m).

3. Short and long sprints

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