17 Best Photo Tricks and Essential Gear In Travel Photography

Camera Body

Of course not all photographers have the budget of owning multiple camera bodies. If you only have one body, then the choice is easy!

For those stuck deciding which body to bring, consider what the location calls for. Things like weather sealing, size and weight, battery life, and image quality are all something to consider. Sure it’d be great to bring along that studio camera with 10000MP but maybe you could get by with something a little smaller. Just maybe…

My go to camera body is the Canon 6D MkII. It may not be the lightest camera around but its weather sealing, durability and swivel screen make it a luxury to shoot with. I rarely have a worry about the camera, no matter what conditions I find myself in.

How Many Batteries?

This can be a tough one to decide on. I like to bring 2-3 batteries for my camera while I travel. This works great, for me, since I’m often able to recharge again before I’m ever onto the third battery.

As the saying goes: one is none. So bring at least two batteries!

If you are in an extremely remote location, definitely consider purchasing a battery pack to charge while on the go.

To Filter Or Not To Filter

Filters can be a great way to enhance your photos, but they can take up a fair amount of space. If you rarely use your filter back home, you’ll rarely use it while you travel. Neutral density filters can be fun but are not always useful, depending where you’re headed.

The one filter I would highly recommend bringing is a Polarizer. A Polarizing filter helps cut glare and makes colours appear richer in the photo. I happen to uses a Polarizer + ND combo filter by NiSi Filters, so that’s what I brought along. Anything else would have been excess and dead weight in my pack.

The photo below is a prime example of the power of a polarizer. Without it, the windows would have so much glare and reflection, the camera wouldn’t clearly see outside.

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