13 Easy Travel Photography Tips To Help Take Your Images To The Next Level

Find a Fixer

A fixer is a person with a deep knowledge of your destination who can assist you in accessing hard-to-reach locations.

Hiring a fixer will help you find local contacts and hidden gem locations.

Professional fixers help photojournalists move around remote or conflict-torn areas, but a local photography enthusiast will suffice if your goal is simply to collect unique images.

If you have time, look for a fixer once you reach your destination. Otherwise, search local Facebook groups or look for fellow photographers in the area via Instagram.

Hiring a fixer is clearly an investment, but worth it if you are looking to tell a particular story from a specific angle. In most cases, it is better to avoid travel agencies, as these tend to focus on major attractions that have been photographed thousands of times.

Use Leading Lines

Guide your viewer into your image by using leading lines found in your frame; such as landscapes, buildings or streets. Choose the perspective you shoot from carefully and try to leverage the natural elements to direct the viewer’s attention.

Natural lines can be also used to frame an image, pulling your viewer into your scene. Be sure to consider all the elements in your frame; the background and foreground are often more important than the subject itself.

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