11 Genius Tricks to Help you Improve your Running Endurance and Stamina

Every runner wants to learn how to run faster and longer. Whether they are into running for years or just started jogging every morning, people are always looking for ways to run further and feel better. People who just began their running journey might be trying to make it to two miles while marathon runners might be looking to hit a time goal.

Whatever may be your goal, you need to build your stamina to reach it. Here are 11 genius tricks to help you improve your running endurance and stamina, even if you feel like you’re not the best runner.

1. Start slow and tackle small steps

Even if you feel ready to bump up your distance or speed, it’s a smart idea to go slow and aim to make incremental gains in your training program. This is especially true if you’re new to a regular running schedule. If you’ve been averaging 4-mile runs, don’t bump it up to 7 miles. To avoid injury and burnout, go up in small steps, such as increasing by 1 mile each week.

Another important tip, says Alex Harrison, PhD, CSCS, USATF-3, USAT, USAW, a sport performance consultant with Renaissance Periodization, is to always start training from where you are, not where you wish you were. “Progress should be over many weeks, allowing time for recovery, but getting harder and harder,” Harrison explains.

2. Add strength training

If you’re not already doing resistance training workouts, then you need to add them to your running program. Performing strength training exercises at least 2 to 3 days a week can help improve running economy, according to a review of literature from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.


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