10 Tricks to Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

Encourage them to ask for what they need

This should apply for short-term requests like working from home on certain days. For example, if a staff member has signs of the flu—but isn’t necessarily bedridden yet—wouldn’t you rather she work from home and nip that flu in the bud? This way, she can take care of herself and get back to work more quickly than running herself down at the office, getting others sick, and then taking several sick days to recover.

Build a community

Managers who know how to promote a good culture make sure they encourage team members to support each other. Having a sounding board of peers is extremely important in reducing stress and combatting isolation for employees. Knowing they have a community at work to support them does wonders for reducing anxiety, instead of working in a constant state of loneliness and fear.

Allow for personal touches

The kind of atmosphere you allow employees to create increases their productivity. If you allow them to decorate their workspaces, they’ll feel more at ease about the work they need to do. Letting them increase the amount of natural light they get lessens their stress. It can be as simple as opening a shade or moving a couple of desks around to allow for better flow. Always be open to suggestion and realize that moving a plant may sound ridiculous to you but could make all the difference to the person asking.

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