10 Pro Tips Playing Cyberpunk 2077 On Tabletop Version

2. Take Extra Actions To Cover All Bases

Unlike games like D&D with limited numbers of actions per turn, Cyberpunk allows players to make multiple actions at a penalty. Whenever players want to take extra actions in a turn, they need to do so with a -3 penalty. They suffer an additional -3 penalty whenever they make extra actions on top of their original action in the turn.

Similar to calling shots, taking extra actions might seem like a gamble for most players. However, in crucial times such as running away from enemies or jacking a vehicle, these extra actions might be the saving grace players need.

3. Break Body Parts With Shots

Aside from the double damage of headshots, Edgerunners can break limbs of opponents by dealing enough damage to a particular body part. For instance, Edgerunners that deal more than eight damage to a limb area in a single attack can crush that particular limb.

Unfortunately for the recipient, having a crushed limb will go to the Mortal 0 state and would have to make a Death Save. Moreover, sustaining more than eight damage points through headshot results in an instant kill. This advantage explains why a -4 penalty in Call Shots might be a worthwhile risk.

4. Consider Automatic Weapons

Thankfully, Cyberpunk offers a wide range of weapon offerings for Edgerunners who want to raise hell on opponents. However, they should consider getting automatic weapons for their multi-fire offerings. For instance, a three-round burst gives players +3 to hit to close and medium range. This ability lets them go fast and loose when cornered. Players using this should roll 1d6/2 to check how many rounds hit opponents.

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