10 Pieces of Cheap Backpacking Gear That Will Actually Survive the Camping Season

Perhaps no one knows the importance of balancing durability with weight better than backpackers. When you carry every piece of gear you need on your back, every ounce (and every use) matters. The appeal of cheap backpacking gear may be its price point, but its durability can often be disappointing; having a piece of gear break on you halfway through a trip not only leaves you at a loss but forces you to still lug the now broken object for the rest of your trip. If you know where to look, however, backpacking gear items can be cheap and also stick with you through hundreds of uses.

Prep yourself for backpacking with this list of time-tested, cheap backpacking gear that will be sure to last the whole season.


The Morsel XL spork kit lets you happily replace much of your mess kit in the backcountry with just one, lightweight utensil. The spork’s squeegee technology is ideal for spooning out of bags of dehydrated meals and makes cleaning your mess kit minimal. If you hate cleaning the gray waste water at the end of every meal, then this piece of cheap backpacking gear will basically eliminate the necessity.


After owning this filter for two years now, I’ve had zero complaints. For $30, the Sawyer Squeeze Micro will filter up to 100,000 gallons of water in its lifespan. It easily attaches to any plastic drinking bottle, the squeezable pouch that it comes with, or a hydration pouch like a CamelBak.


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