10 Best Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

6. Encourage Creativity and Contributions

Your team needs to be encouraged to flex their creative skills. Make sure that you have an office culture that fosters ideas and promotes contributions from everyone. If people are too intimidated or scared to share their ideas, your company’s innovation will become stifled. Set time aside to brainstorm and share your creativity and offer new challenges to your team. While you retain final say over ideas, encouraging team members to have an active role makes them more confident and fosters loyalty.

7. Collaborate Well With Others

Spread positivity at work by cooperating well with your colleagues and caring deeply about the team’s success.

Teamwork and collaboration is enhanced when everyone understands what they are supposed to be working on, how their roles are interdependent, what resources are available, how team members can support each other, presence of open or transparent communication channels, regular progress checks and how the leader can keep everyone focused to meet a common goal.

Take a long term approach to collaboration by building strong bonds at work and investing in other people’s success through simple methods such as sharing your best practices, being responsive and accountable, taking time to learn your colleagues, helping others, making key introductions and celebrating other people’s achievements.

Share tips and tricks on how to perform a task. Assuming you have been working on a specific job for a while, you are likely to come up with unique ways of accomplishing work faster, best processes to follow and where to find needed resources. This kind of knowledge can be really beneficial especially to new coworkers and even seasoned colleagues.

When working on tasks or projects within a team, ensure that you complete your assigned work in a timely manner so that you don’t slow down the assembly line, so to speak.

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of daily work. Make an effort to socialize or spend some time with colleagues to chat and get to know each other better – make connections at a human level; not just talking about work. Learn them as a person, what interests them, what they do and even offer to help them during times when they require assistance.

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