10 Best Hidden Apple Watch Features Every People Need to Know About

The Apple Watch isn’t exactly a must-own device for iPhone users in 2021, but with every redesign and OS upgrade, it’s getting harder and harder to pass up. But once you do get one, you’ll want to make sure you know how to make the most of it. True to Apple form, however, the Apple Watch is full of little features and abilities that you’ve likely never encountered. Read on to know about 10 Hidden Apple Watch Features.

Cover the watch to mute notifications

I’m placing this feature first on the list because it might just save your day. To mute your Apple Watch when a notification is going off, just cover it with your hand for three seconds. If you forgot to mute during an important meeting and someone calls you, just cover the watch to mute the ringer. If the group chat is blowing up in the middle of an important dinner, cover the watch to mute it.

Of course, nothing works better than putting the watch in silent mode beforehand, but in a pinch, this hidden feature can really come in handy. To make sure it is enabled, head to Settings > Sounds & Haptics on your watch, then make sure “Cover to Mute” is enabled.

Tell the time without looking at your watch

If you’ve ever been in a situation where it’d be inappropriate to check the time, but you really want to check the time, this feature’s for you. Tap your Apple Watch’s display once to wake it up, then tap and hold on the screen with two fingers. Your watch will then tell the time through haptics; by default, you’ll get a long tap for every 10 hours, with a short tap for each following hour. Then, you’ll get a long tap for every ten minutes, and a short tap for each following minute.

You can also choose to use this feature with Morse Code, or “Terse,” the latter of which gives you a long tap for every five hours, short taps for the remaining hours, then, long taps for each quarter-hour. It might seem confusing to read, so give it a try; it makes a lot more sense when you experience it.

I unknowingly “used” this feature for years before I learned of its existence. I’d accidentally touch the display without realizing it, and my watch would start vibrating out of nowhere. I assumed it was a notification of some sort, only to check and see no new alerts. If you’ve experienced something similar, now you know why!

Quickly launch your most recent app

You don’t need to head back to the watch’s Home Screen in order to switch back to the last app you were using. Instead, just click the Digital Crown in twice; when you do, watchOS will open the Home Screen and instantly launch the last opened app.

Reorder your watch faces

If you’re someone with a lot of watch faces, this tip is essential for keeping things organized; instead of living with the default order of watch faces, you can actually reorder them yourself.

Long-press on your watch face to open the watch face switcher, then long-press on the watch face you want to move. After a second, it will “lift up,” and you’ll be able to drag it to any position in the line.

Force-restart your watch if it’s acting up

You can normally shut your watch down with a long-press of the Side button, followed by a swipe of the “Power Off” slider. But if your watch is acting up, you might not be able to access this option. You can instead use a force-restart to turn the watch on and off again, even if no regular inputs are working.

Just hold the Digital Crown and Side button together; soon, you’ll see your Apple Watch go black. Keep holding these buttons down until you see the Apple logo appear, then let go and wait for the watch to boot back up.


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